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Calabash Gourds

Enjoy your yerba mate the traditional way with the beautiful, practical, and natural range of drinking gourds available from Yerba Mate Australia.

We offer a wide range of natural calabash gourds in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. Many of our calabash gourds come fitted with a skin and sitting on a stand, making them the perfect display piece and the ideal way to enjoy your infusion.

Explore our range to find the natural gourd that speaks to you, and start enjoying your new favourite drink with friends and family.

Discover Our Collection of Mate Natural Gourds

At Yerba Mate Australia, you can purchase traditional mate natural gourds that are made using the dried and hollowed calabash (pumpkin) fruit. These natural gourds are impeccably finished for an attractive appearance that still reflects a traditional, minimalist look.

More decorative options are also available, such as Indiana gourds and mate natural gourds with engravings.

Natural gourds will vary in shape and size slightly, and it’s essential to cure your gourd before use. You can find more information in our “How to Enjoy” section.

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