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Mate Storage

If you’re serious about drinking yerba mate, you need the mate storage products available from Yerba Mate Australia. Our range gives you everything you need to store and pour yerba mate in one convenient package.

Try the Taragui Termera, which can hold your yerba mate, gourd, thermos, straw, and more in one small and stylish package.

Alternatively, you can get a special thermos made specifically for pouring mate.

Explore our range of yerba mate storage products and shop today to enjoy mate wherever you go.

Our Mate Storage Containers Don’t Come Empty!

Many of our mate storage containers come with their own supply of yerba mate to get you started. Buy our limited edition Plyadito or Taragui storage tins and get half a kilo of yerba mate to go with it.

Shop online now and enjoy yerba mate together!

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