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Like any infusion, yerba mate’s taste, colour, and aroma is influenced by the water used to make it. When making yerba mate, you should always start with cool water that is as clean as possible. If your tap water is not high-quality or is in anyway contaminated, it is best to filter it. Do not use mineral water to make yerba mate. 

When enjoying mate the traditional way, it is also important that boiled water is never used. Instead, the water should be between 70 and 80 degrees. 

Curing Your Mate Gourd:

A well-cured mate gourd is essential to preparing yerba mate according to this traditional method. If your gourd is new, fill it with yerba mate and add enough water to soak it thoroughly. Then, allow the gourd to rest for two days, adding water as needed to keep the yerba mate wet. You should also regularly check the yerba mate to make sure that is does not ferment, as this will impart an unpleasant flavor on the gourd. After two days, clean the gourd by emptying it, scraping the interior, and removing any soft wood. Repeat the entire curing procedure at least three times.

If you do not have a gourd or don’t have the time to cure one, you can use a glass tumbler or one of our silicone kits as a substitute.

Preparing Your Mate: 

To prepare mate in a well-cured gourd, begin by filling it three quarters full with yerba mate (note: feel free to adjust the amount of yerba mate according to your tastes).

Next, cover the mouth of the gourd with your palm, turn it upside down, and shake it well. This step is important, because it helps move larger pieces of yerba mate to the bottom and will prevent the bombilla from clogging later.

Once you’ve shaken your gourd, return it to its upright position, doing your best to keep the yerba mate sloped at a 45 degree angle inside the gourd. Moisten the exposed interior of the gourd with warm (but never boiling) water. Then, moisten it again with slightly warmer water.

Wait until the yerba mate absorbs the water before inserting the bombilla. When you do insert it, do so firmly, and make sure to rest it against the exposed side of the gourd.

Once the bombilla has been inserted, all that’s left for you to do is sip your mate and enjoy. 


When you’re done, make sure to store your yerba mate in an opaque, airtight container to protect it from light and humidity. You should also store your yerba mate away from strong-smelling foods that may affect its taste and aroma.


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