Mate gourds are the perfect way to enjoy yerba mate tea the traditional way. Our store has a wide variety of handcrafted gourds, imported straight from South America. Whether you're looking for a special gift or just want to treat yourself, we have something to suit all tastes and budgets.

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Items 1-12 of 86 results

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why use a mate gourd?

Mate gourds are the traditional way to enjoy yerba mate tea. A properly cured gourd will add flavour and aroma to the tea, while keeping it at just the right temperature. Plus, they look great - each gourd is unique and makes a beautiful statement piece.

Mate gourds have a long history and cultural significance in South America, making them both practical and meaningful.

+ What is yerba mate?

Yerba mate is a type of tea made from the leaves and stems of the South American yerba mate plant. It's popular in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Southern Brazil and other countries, and has been consumed for centuries. It's very similar to green tea, but has a unique flavour you won't find anywhere else.

+ What are the different Gourd types?

We have a wide range of mate gourds for sale, and if you're choosing a gourd for the first time, knowing which type to pick can be confusing. Here's a quick guide to get you up and running:

Stainless Steel Mate Gourd

Stainless steel mate gourds are popular among those who like to drink mate on the go. They’re tough and durable, as well as being easier to clean than traditional gourds.

Ceramic Mate Gourd

Ceramic mate gourds are a modern take on the traditional style of gourd. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and make for an attractive alternative to a metal or plain, natural gourd.

Natural Gourd

Natural gourds are the ideal choice for purists who want a completely natural experience. Also known as calabash mate gourds, they’re the most traditional type of gourd. Typically they’re made from a dried hollowed-out calabash fruit. They have a unique shape and texture that many people prefer for their yerba mate tea. Each individual gourd is unique, and give you the experience of curing your gourd yourself.

Glass Mate Gourd

A glass mate gourd is a great option for those looking to just enjoy the taste of mate. Because it doesn’t absorb any of the mate flavours, you always get the clean taste of mate without any flavours added, as a traditional gourd does.

+ How do I drink mate from a gourd?

Drinking mate from a gourd is a simple process. You'll need a gourd first, then cure it if you're using a natural gourd. Then it comes time to brew the mate. Start by putting yerba mate tea leaves into the gourd, then cover the opening with your hand and give it a shake. This helps to evenly distribute the leaves. Now, tilt the gourd and pour a small amount of hot water in (about 80 degrees Celsius). The water should go straight to the bottom of the gourd. Once it's ready, you'll need a bombilla (a traditional mate straw) to drink it. Place the straw into your gourd and rest it against the side, being careful not to move it around. Finally, pour the rest of the hot water in and fill the remainder of the gap.

Once you're finished, make sure to clean your straw with a cleaning brush. For more information, check out our article How to Drink Yerba Mate the Traditional Way.

+ Are mate cups the same thing as mate gourds?

A mate cup is pretty much the same as a mate gourd, with one main difference. A mate cup is usually made out of porcelain, ceramic or similar heat resistant materials, while a gourd is traditionally made out of wood, or more specifically, the hardened wooden shell of a calabash or squash.