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French Press or Tea Pot


Like any infusion, yerba mate’s taste, colour, and aroma is influenced by the water used to make it. When making yerba mate, you should always start with cool water that is as clean as possible. If your tap water is not high-quality or is in anyway contaminated, it is best to filter it. Do not use mineral water to make yerba mate.

Water used to brew yerba mate should be just boiled, but not over-boiled. As soon as your water begins to boil, remove it from the heat. Boiling water too long reduces the oxygen content which negatively affects the quality of yerba mate. If you plan to drink your mate the traditional way from a gourd, do not boil the water. Instead, use water that is 70-80 degrees, but not hotter.


Loose yerba mate can easily be prepared in a French press or tea pot. Simply steep 3 grams of mate in about 250ml of just boiled water for 5 minutes in the vessel of your choice. If you like, try adding a little sugar or (for an even richer drink) some milk and honey to your mate.


When you’re done, make sure to store your yerba mate in an opaque, airtight container to protect it from light and humidity. You should also store your yerba mate away from strong-smelling foods that may affect its taste and aroma.


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