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Processing Yerba Mate

Processing Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is processed according to a centuries-old process. Once the plants have grown to maturity, the leaves are harvested.  Great care is taken to harvest at just the right moment in order to ensure the yerba mate’s quality.

After harvesting, leaves are directly exposed to heat or fire for drying. After drying for just the right amount of time, the leaves are crushed, producing what is known as “toasted yerba mate.”

The dried and crushed leaves are then aged in an environment strictly controlled by yerba mate experts. The aging process is what gives each variety of yerba mate its distinct taste, color, and aroma.

Aged yerba mate is then sent to a mill for final processing. Just how the yerba mate is treated and mixed at the mill depends on the specific variety being produced. As soon as the yerba mate is ready, it is packaged to ensure that it reaches customers as fresh as possible.

The final step in processing yerba mate is tasting. Practiced taste-testers put their discerning palates to work to make sure that every batch of our yerba mate has the perfect balance of flavors needed to meet our high standards of quality.



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