These classic melt-in-the-mouth shortbread-like cookies are an Argentinian staple. Originating from South America, Alfajores are the perfect snack to have with yerba mate. While they’re traditionally made of flour, honey, and nuts, and filled with dulce de leche, our range includes a large variety in many different flavours. Choose your favourite and order online for fast shipping Australia-wide.

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Items 1-12 of 41 results

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What are Argentinian alfajores?

Argentinian alfajores are a delicious and popular treat that is widely enjoyed throughout Argentina and beyond. They are essentially sandwich cookies made up of two shortbread-like cookies with a sweet filling in between. They're usually filled with dulce de leche, but you can get alfajores filled with jam made from fruits such as quince or strawberry, and a range of other fillings. The cookies are then coated in chocolate or powdered sugar, adding an extra layer of flavour and texture. There are many variations of alfajores throughout Argentina, and each region has its own unique take on this beloved treat. For example, in the province of Cordoba, alfajores are often made with a filling of milk and honey, while in the province of Santa Fe, they are made with a filling of sweet potato paste.

+ Are alfajores popular in Argentina?

Absolutely! In addition to being a delicious treat, alfajores also have cultural significance in Argentina. They are often served at social gatherings, such as weddings and birthdays, and are even given as gifts to friends and family. Many Argentinians have fond memories of eating alfajores with loved ones and consider them to be an important part of their cultural identity. If you're searching for authentic alfajores, looking for a taste of home, you'll find it here. We import our products directly from South America, with a range of flavours available. Buy alfajor cookies online today.

+ Where do you deliver to?

We're based in Melbourne and deliver throughout Australia from our warehouse. Our products are imported directly from Latin America made and shipped exclusively to you. Enjoy the taste of Argentina from the comfort of your own home.